Stop loosing so
much time searching

Stop loosing so much time searching

Enjoy a fast and accurate search across all your tools at once.

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According to an IBM study

You loose 384h/year

searching for company knowledge.

Owledge give you this time back.

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Universal search
accross all your tools

Type your query, get the best results from all your cloud tools in an instant.

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Private by design

Your data is encrypted and safely stored within your dedicated index in a EU compliant storage. Everything is yours and stay only yours.

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Easy setup

Connect your tools in seconds and enjoy amazing search without any delay.

High quality results

Advanced ranking algorithm and great design to the service of speed.

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Designed for teams

Collaboration is enhanced with colleague activity and team priorities for amazing team work.

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Always up to date

No sync delay, only live data.

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Instant results

No more waiting time

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Built into your web apps

Access Owledge natively from your web apps thanks to our magic Google Chrome extension.

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Built into Alfred

Productivity geek, we got you covered with an Alfred plugin.

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And way more...

Owledge is fast growing, more amazingness are coming.

Powerful? Yes, but also really safe.







100% of the data indexed for fast search are safely encrypted via a unique 256 bits key.

Each team workspace get its own personal dedicated index, no shared storage.

On demand, we can host your Owledge instance directly on your own server.

Still not using Owledge?

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Reduce colleague dependecy

Owledge search gives autonomy to each of you.

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Improve focus on core work

Owledge simple app helps you be more impactful.

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According to an IBM study, you can

Save 16 000€

of productivity/user/year

Get better productivity now.

1. Set up your Owledge


2. Enjoy crazy fast search


3. Bring your colleagues in




Ready to earn up to 384h/year?

No credit card, no commitment, just try Owledge in a few minutes to make up your own mind.

You’re a large team?

As you probably need to go through an IT procurement process, our dedicated team is here to help you make the best decision. We will tell you more about Owledge, present you the tool, let you try it by yourself, answer all your questions and even accompany you for setup.