Private by design.

A unique product built by a 3 people french team raised in the startup ecosystem.

Encrypted metadatas,
vectorized content,
safe data.

Through advanced encryption, your search metadata is shielded from prying eyes, ensuring utmost privacy. Our innovative approach involves transforming search queries into vectorized forms, not only enhancing speed but also rendering content indecipherable to unauthorized entities. Owledge employs robust measures, creating a secure environment for your online interactions. This strategy guarantees a lightning-fast search experience while upholding the highest standards of privacy, so you can explore the digital realm with confidence.

Check100% metadata encrypted
CheckNo file content stored
Check256bit hash key

Built for teams,
thought for indivdiuals,
safe team work.

This ethos reflects our commitment to fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment where teams can thrive collectively while ensuring each individual's unique needs are addressed. Whether you're working in tandem with colleagues or pursuing individual tasks, Owledge is meticulously designed to enhance both team collaboration and individual productivity. Our commitment to safe teamwork involves robust security measures, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected, fostering a harmonious balance between collective success and individual innovation within the digital workspace.

CheckTeam management
CheckLive informations
CheckTeam-mates based search

Dedicated indexes,
custom search engine,
safe workspace.

With dedicated indexes, we ensure that your searches are optimized for relevance and speed, providing a personalized and efficient journey through information. The custom search engine feature empowers users to fine-tune their search parameters, allowing for a highly individualized and targeted exploration of cloud tools. As paramount as customization is, Owledge places an equally strong emphasis on security, fostering a safe workspace where sensitive data is shielded, reinforcing the idea that efficiency and safety can coexist seamlessly in your digital endeavors.

CheckOne index per workspace
CheckCustomized search engine per workspace

And for huge organizations?

Self-host your own Owledge instance.

Our horizontal architecture allows you to host your own Owledge instance while keeping all the advantages of a modern SaaS. Our team will accompany you through first time installation and it’s done. Everything will then run as usual with remote updates.